Who doesn’t love a fleece vest?

If you know me at all, you know that my fall to spring wardrobe consists of jeans, a white shirt of some sort, at a fleece vest. And, thanks to my husband’s very inspired gift giving, I have quite a collection. My one blue vineyard vines fleece vest is so snuggly and generously sized that without it, I’m not sure how I would have survived my early postpartum months. Every time MB spit up on it, a wardrobe crisis ensued.

I never really pictured myself as the type of person who would purposely dress just like my baby, but somehow the idea of dressing Mary Bullock like me is too much to resist. And since I secured a sacred promise last fall that I could buy Mary Bullock a fleece vest this year, I need to get shopping! Here is my favorite so far:

Now, if I needed any reassurance that I am making the right stylistic decisions for my baby, I have these images for proof:

Do they look happy to you? Now consider:

That’s all I’m saying.


4 thoughts on “Who doesn’t love a fleece vest?

  1. uuuuhhhh! I can't think about fleeces right now. Sooo hot! You should have seen me trying to run with Laura yesterday – ha!Also, love the blog! It's so cute. Do you know how I subscribe to it in iGoogle?

  2. You looked like you were running pretty fast this morning when I passed you on the way to tennis! I nearly died out there. The older ladies were holding up way better than me. I don't know anything about iGoogle. I think Lee subscribed with Google Reader?

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