Stayed up too late

So, with Lee out of town, I’ve taken the opportunity to barely get up from the computer. Nice. I came across this blog and this blog and ok if you’re forcing it out of me, I may have cried. But only a little, because even though some of it was incredibly sad, mostly it made me think about how much I have loved learning how to be MB’s mama.

While I was waxing nostalgic, I started clicking back through the last ten months worth of pictures and came across a few gems, like this one.

I specifically remember taking this picture and then calling Lee at work to exclaim that Mary Bullock was a FINK, one not to be trusted. She has somehow managed to escape both the top and bottom of her swaddle (later to be temporarily out-finked by the Miracle That Is The Miracle Blanket, but this was pre-Miracle Blanket). (And don’t go thinking that Mary Bullock ever took a pacifier just from looking at this picture, because she is just pretending here.)

Oh, how much I have learned, and how much I have still to learn.


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